. . .a Player's Guide. . .

Chords and Harmony, a Players Guide --- (If the following sounds you, this Guide is the road-map you need to get on track!)

You have played the piano . . . practiced scales, chords, harmony and cadences. But, did your passion for music and your instrument make all the blood, sweat and tears “worth it”?

... or...

Maybe you’re a successful, serious musician now and it all makes sense,

... you actually GOT IT!

. . . but maybe some years ago you casually played for a while, stumbled through the chords and harmony - and then stopped; maybe you were overwhelmed and confused by it all. All the theoretical stuff – it can do that to you. . .

... “what the heck does this have to do with the songs I want to play?”...

You practiced and slaved to learn exercise A, but what you REALLY WANTED TO PLAY (but could never understand) was exercise B and C.

...after all, they 're basically the same progression


Examples A, B & C above are basically the same traditional progression:

I - IV - I - V7 -I

But the substitute chords in each example give a distinct, unique sound to each:

  • A is your basic "piano lesson" cadence (chord progression)
  • B sounds tense, more dissonant
  • C sounds peaceful, more serene

The goal of this Practical Chords and Harmony guide is to help to get you back on track... the objective is to understand chord progressions, chord extensions and chord symbols.

FOLLOW THE LINKS IN THE MENUS ABOVE.  You'll get some basic, logical material and soon be playing alternate versions of basic chord patterns and backgrounds; before you know it, those old cadence exercises will start to make sense. . .

and . . . SOUND GOOD. . .

. . . you are really GETTING IT!

Remember, you are never too young. . .


Or, too old!



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Subscribe to Website - get Get tips and ideas about substitute chords, chord progressions and harmonic movement.
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about me: experience and site philosophy

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