Key Signatures

Keys or Key Signatures: When a song (or any music) is built mostly on the notes of any particular scale, there is usually a KEY SIGNATURE at the beginning of the staff, right after the clef sign. It is a group of sharps or flats that are placed on the lines and spaces of the staff. It identifies which notes will be sharp or flat.

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Major Keys

Major Keys with Sharps

sharp keys

Major Keys with Flats

flat keys

Minor Keys

Minor Keys & Relative Minors

  • All MAJOR KEYS have related RELATIVE MINOR KEYS and share a
    common signature.
  • The 6th step of a MAJOR SCALE is the starting note of it's
  • For example, the C major scale is:

    C - D - E - F - G - A - B -C

    The 6th step is A, so the RELATIVE MINOR of C MAJOR is A MINOR:

    A - B - C - D - E - F - G - A

    The key of C major has no sharps or flats, same with Am.

Keys with Sharps

relative majors and minors sharps

Keys with Flats

relative majors and minors flats

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Each key, and the order in which the sharps or flats appear, is very closely related to, and based on the Circle of 5ths.

Go ahead to CIRCLE of FIFTHS.

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