Gospel Chord Voicing

If you've wanted to play gospel music by ear, RUSH to this WEBSITE.... and read the entire page.
Your learning experience will never be the same. You WILL LEARN everything you need to know to play your

favorite worship and GOSPEL chord progressions by ear. Play by Ear Using the GospelKeys Method.

Hear and Play:

Fancy Gospel Chords

"Now There's Finally A Way To Transform Your One-Finger Melodies Into Full-Sounding Gospel Songs... IN JUST 3 SIMPLE STEPS!"

By Jermaine Griggs

"You see, what most musicians don't understand is that songs follow patterns. If you've been mistakenly learning songs, one by one, you're only exercising your ability to MEMORIZE stuff (and that ain't gonna help you when it comes time to learn the next song). It's also precisely why it takes SO LONG to learn just one tune."

"... But if you concentrate on LEARNING PATTERNS, you'll never go wrong because songs are built on repeating and predictable patterns. You should never ever rely on memorizing dozens of songs when they all share the same exact CHORDS, PROGRESSIONS, AND PATTERNS."

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