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Piano Lamps

Whether you're playing a grand piano, upright or keyboard, a good, correctly positioned, lamp is an absolute necessity.

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(piano accessories)

Piano Benches

If at all possible, DO NOT use a kitchen chair when playing the piano. A decent piano bench will give you the roper height and width.  This is necessary as it helps maintain proper hand/wrist position and makes it easier to "move around" the keys. 

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I really like these Wittner electronic metronomes! They've got a feature that most electronic metronomes don't have - a VOLUME CONTROL. The volume can be turned off while the light continues to flash the tempo. Makes it easy to see how your timing holds up from start to finish without being distracted by the click.... also makes it easy to play rtiards and accelerandos. 

Also, the the numbers on the dial are a little bigger than usual and non-glare dial makes it easier to see and read than most other metronomes. The MT 70, which is my favorite, has the following features:

  • Volume control (loudspeaker and earphone)
  • Tempo range: 40- 216 beats per minute
  • 6 beat settings and 6 rhythm settings
  • 40 noe variable sound generator (B - C6)
  • Earphone included

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